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Stacy Ross

Stacy Ross
Real Estate Licensee/Administrative Assistant
I was born and raised in El Paso, Texas. My family and I moved to Kodiak in August of 2000. Blockbuster Video brought us here and while they are not around anymore, I am very glad we are! I am an active volunteer in the community with the Kodiak Lions, Kodiak Leos, Kodiak Football League and Relay for Life. My husband and I have loved raising our kids in such a wonderful, close knit community.

Working at Associated Island Brokers has shown me a new passion in helping people find their new homes. While I stay in the office, getting my license has shown me attention to detail and how the home buying/selling process can be so intimidating. So, if I can help that process in any way I consider the day a success! Working with property management has allowed me to meet so many great people. I love taking care of our clients!