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Melanie Calderon Ladislao

Melanie Calderon Ladislao
Associate Broker
Kumusta! Hello!

I’m Melanie, an energetic, dedicated and hard-working real estate agent/licensed property manager/owner of Associated Island Brokers, Inc. I specialize in Property Management, Listing, Selling, and First Time Homebuyers in the Kodiak area. I speak Tagalog.

“If you feel overwhelmed or stressed by managing your property, why not hire someone else do the work for you,” with my knowledge and experience, I can help you manage your property and whether you are looking to relocate to Kodiak for business or pleasure, there is never a better time to own or rent property here. I can help you find a rental, manage your property, sell your property, or get you in your dream home. I have worked with a lot of first-time homebuyers, from gathering information to get pre-approved for a mortgage loan and helping them find their very first home. I will work tirelessly on your behalf and listen to your needs. Once you have described your real estate needs, I will find the perfect property for you, negotiate to obtain the best deal possible, and guide the transaction to completion in a timely and businesslike manner. My favorite part of being a real estate sales agent and licensed property manager is helping others achieve their goal of becoming a first time home owner, investor, or tenant, because it allows me to bring happiness and a feeling of accomplishment to those I help and it brings tremendous satisfaction.

Thank you! Salamat!